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Green Delights - cozinha vegetariana, simples e saudável

Bem vindo ao blog! Este espaço é dedicado a receitas vegan e vegetarianas, simples, deliciosas e saudáveis (a maior parte das vezes...)! Vamos cozinhar?

Seg | 02.01.17

Veggie noodles with coconut curry sauce

  Spiralizing vegetables seems to be a huge trend this summer, so here's my version of spiralized veggies with a little twist...coconut, lime and curry sauce! In the hot summer days I just feel like eating raw foods, but that doesn't mean eating salad all day long, we just need to get creative! This recipe is easily prepared in 15 minutes...Yup, thats right! And you can also make the sauce in advance and keep it on the fridge, reducing the prep time for 5 minutes...It can't get any (...)